Come What May
Come What May
Come What May
hello. i'm janelle. i love laughing. i love NICOLE KIDMAN and MELINDA CLARKE because they are AMAZING. i love hanging out with family and friends. i love hats. i love PINK. i love KOALAS. i love hershey's and candy corn. i love shopping. i love watching movies. i love watching nikita, the vampire diaries, csi, ghost whisperer, desperate housewives, charmed, snl, the oc, fringe, law and order: svu, friends, grey's anatomy, the mentalist, and dollhouse. i'm happy to meet you. bye :)
I do not own anything posted on this blog unless stated otherwise. If you feel something has been poorly credited, please message me so I can rectify this issue imediately, thank you.
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Spice Girls | Spice Up Your Life (1997)